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Rockarollica II

YO! It's Rock n' Roll Time! Lucy Show!

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About: A community dedicated to the Japanese band Lucy, composed of Hisashi Imai [Guitar/Vo], Kiyoshi [Guitar/Vo], Katsushige Okazaki [Dr/Vo]

Community: The purpose of this community is to aid new and old fans in keeping up with latest information regarding the band and their endeavours in all their musical projects.
This community also exists to share information, pose questions, post graphics, art, scans, screencaps, lyrics, translations, and also files to download.

-Please join the community to full take advantage of all the resources that will be posted here.

-Feel free to discuss any Lucy member's past and current band activities, such as BUCK TICK, Machine, Age of Punk, etc

-When posting images please use an lj-cut tag.

-When posting downloads such as videos and mp3s please make your entries friends only

-If someone posts original artwork, wallpapers, icons, scans, etc, make sure to ask permission to post/use these files in other places on the net.

-Please make use of the community's MEMORIES section before making inquiries to the community.

-Don't hesitate to post introductory posts, this way we can all get to know each other in the community

Useful Links [Lucy Japanese Sites]
- JVC Official Page
- Member's Profile
- Tequila! Lucy Fansite
- Lucy Discography

Useful English Links
- Kiyoshi's Wikipedia
- Imai's Wikipedia
- Infinity Machine Fansite

Other Links
- AZITO Kiyoshi OHP
- E-Sidewalk.net OHP of BUG/Age of Punk
- MachineProject.jp Machine OHP

- oranji_oni
- deadstocktoys